June 4

Database Integration


When creating a business presentation it is often necessary to use more than one piece of software to accurately, efficiently and effectively display all information.  Often the use of a word processor is required for the structure of a report, but a database or spreadsheet is used to accurately and efficiently manipulate data.  The integration of software is a useful tool.  To enhance word processing documents it is often necessary include  reports, data or charts from a database or spreadsheet program.


Example: Records/Report exported from Database

Doe Tom 15
Jones Sally 18
O’Brien Susie 17
Smith Jane 14
Smith John 17


Steps to Export Data and use reports in other applications (Excel or Word):

1. Complete sorts/queries in database program and create a report to display the data

2. Choose Export in the Report Menu (Right click on filename and choose export) and export in format required (Excel or Word)

3. Open the report in required program (Excel or Word) and use as required


Assignment:  Create a title page and hand in the following 2 tasks:

Task 1: Exercise 9 on page 393

Task 2:  Create a form letter to everyone in class which outlines information (as outlined below) about our class

– Introduce your letter in paragraph 1

– Paragraph 2 – outline what is being shown in the following charts:

All students in the database sorted by last name in a simple table.

– Paragraph 3 – outline what is being shown in the following table and graph

All student ages displayed in table and a spreadsheet line graph showing the ages graphically

– Provide a conclusion in paragraph 4

– End your letter with an appropriate closing section (ie.  Sincerely,        your name)

– Merge the letter with our class database for names and addresses (print only the first 3 letters of the form letter merge)

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