May 28-30 – Unit 7 – Microsoft Access Database

Lesson:  Database Terms – Database, Data Record, Data Field

Microsoft Access Terms:  Tables, Forms (Design View, Layout View, Form View), Reports

Other Terms:  Query, Sort

Login at:

To Login use:

Student userid:  AMDSBstudent

Student password:  oerbs

and the click on this link to review database terms

1) Choose the content tab and then click on the “Video Lesson”

2) Answer the following questions (type your answers after each question):

a) What is a database field?  Give an example.

b) What is a database record? Give an example.

c) What are some advantages associated with an electronic database (name at least 3)

d) What are the steps to create a database table?

e) What is a form?  What is it used for?

f) What is a query (or a search)?  What is it used for?

g) What is a sort?  What is it used for?

h) What is a report?  What is it used for?

3) Choose the Assignment Tab and click on the “The Database True False Quiz”.  Try the quiz.

Record your mark on the quiz here: _______ / 10


Task 1:  Create a simple database for our class, storing information about students in our class.  Field names to be used are: last name, first name, age, address, city, province, postal code, gender, favourite sport, favourite food.


1) Design a database entry form

– outline which fields are going to be used in the database (Layout View)

– add titles and other items to make your database entry form attractive

2) Enter your personal information into the database (Form View Mode)

3) Print a copy of your completed data entry form (Print from Layout View)

4) Enter  records from the other members of class (at least 10 records need to be entered)

Task 2:    Database Exercise 2 (page 267) and Database Exercise 9 (page 274)

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