March 26 – Travel Brochure Website

Began creating my travel website for the country of Italy. I look forward to this because I have a friend who recently went on a trip to Italy who was happy to lend information and pictures for use on my website.

I created the template for my website by designing the homepage with a Head, Logo, website navigator and pictures. I used this design on the Homepage and used it throughout the website making changes to the background image and headers but keeping the colours and text objects consistent, for eye appeal. I am using many photos and HTML tags for different parts of my site.


3.     Page Properties – background images, page and text colours etc.

4.     Advanced Objects – formatting page setup with tables

5.     Creating a Website of many Webpages


Travel Brochure Website Assignment

• Create a Travel Brochure Website.
Pick a country that you would like to visit to tell us about.  (only one person per country)

You must include the following:

• As many HTML structures (tags) as you feel necessary.
• Have no less than 3 separate content pages
• Have a navigation structure (links to your homepage, and other pages)
• Include tables
• Include numerous graphics and/or images – one of which you must create yourself
• Include at least one ordered and one unordered list
• Include headings
• Include at least one external link
• Use consistent formatting, colours, and images to create a cohesive website
• Make sure all links work (i.e. that they are not broken)
• Create a sources cited page where you source your information, and acknowledge the original material authors. (This will be a separate page)
• Other additions of your choice – Level 4 submissions will include a number of advanced features such as image maps, horizontal rules, mail links, advanced tables etc.

Your web pages will be saved in a folder called “travelsite” in the BTA 3O directory your H drive. You must call your first page: index.html

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