New Notebook-Feb 6

Feb 6

Today I started a new notebook on WordPress, and I am eager to learn the ways of this new blogging tool and hopefully it will integrate with my work and existing web 2.0 footprint from previous business classes and my own actions. Today’s assignment was to watch a video on the definition of what Web 2.0 is and it’s place in today’s society. Attached is a Google .doc of my report.

Link to video given by Mr. Clarke.

=>My report


Feb 6

What is Web 2.0?  –  Research Assignment

Watch this video – by founder of the term Web 2.0 – explaining what he thinks the term means).

Create a report (new google doc document ) outlining what you think the term web 2.0 means?

Your report should include text in paragraph form (not point form),  links to where you found information, and any pictures or videos you would like to include.

Where to start:

– watch the video at the top of this assignment

– go to  Wikipedia – do a search for web 2.0 and read along

– use other sites as you feel necessary

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