First Day of BTA30-Feb 1

Feb. 1

Class contact:




1.  Sign in to your gmail account.  (Use GOOGLE Chrome as your browser)

2.  Send Mr. Clarke ( an email answering the following questions

  • Review the Course Information Sheet .  Which areas outlined are the most interesting to you?
  • What would you like to accomplish in those areas identified above?
  • If you got to choose anything, related to computer applications, to learn more about in this class what would you like to learn about?

3.  Update your igoogle home page for yourself by following the instructions below

  • add or update the following google bookmarks:  GDCI Homepage, this class note page, other bookmarks you use for school (ie other homework pages), any other bookmarks you feel you could use on this page
  • if you have fish or hamsters, feed them, they are probably hungry since you might not have seen them for a year  (optional)
  • change your igoogle theme to reflect your interests (optional)
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